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"I have taken three classes and have learned more from these online classes than I have in a long time. I recommend them to others." – Student, Oct.2012

"This was my first online course and I enjoyed it very much. I received a lot of ideas from others in the class and from the reading materials. I have implemented two of the projects in my action plan and hope to implement a third one soon. I hope I can take another on-line class. It was a good way to earn in-service hours. I'm at least 30-40 miles from most of the other in-services offered in my area, so I have to do a lot of driving usually to get my hours. This was a great way for me to get the hours right from my home."

– Student, November 2012

"Starting with the Mary Ellen story was very powerful. It set the tone for the remainder of the course. The reading material was very helpful, as were the videos. It seemed that every time I sat down at the computer, I was mesmerized about what was before me on the screen. This has to be the best KCSL course over all that I have taken because I learned so much. It is material that I will be able to retain and utilize in my classroom."

– Student, Strengthening Families Course

"I am not yet working with children but greatly enjoyed creating activities I believed would work for children with multiple learning styles. I am graduating in May and cannot wait to apply things I have learned in these workshops. I hope to make a difference with many children and your positive feedback has given me even more needed confidence for my chosen career."

– Student, Multiple Intelligences Course

"I have really enjoyed the Temperament course, knowing the information will help me as I prepare to work with various children in my new day-care. I believe that each child is valuable and unique, and understanding different temperaments is instrumental in this belief. The course also helps me understand my daughter more, who has some challenging behaviors."

– Student, Understanding Children's Temperament Course

"I learned so much. The information will be very helpful. The situations and ideas presented were interesting and kept my attention and I really thank you for that. This is my first online class and it was a great experience."

– Student, October 2012

"I enjoyed the topic and learning that there is more to preventing child abuse than just reporting it. I thought the information was clearly communicated. I learned quite a bit. Thank you so much for your efforts in bringing online courses that are relevant to us."

– Student, Strengthening Families Course

"The Multiple Intelligences course caused me to look at the different types of learners and make sure I was addressing the needs of each and every student. I think taking the class will change the way I plan lessons in the future—always keeping multiple intelligences and learning styles in mind."

Student, Multiple Intelligences Course

"I enjoyed the online format and appreciate the refresher. I will recommend this course to our agency for new employees and a refresher to all individuals at least every few years. KCSL provides an outstanding resource in these courses for those of us living in very rural areas!"

– Student, Child Abuse & Neglect Course

"I have enjoyed this so tremendously and have learned more than I ever thought I would. I am very excited to put to use this wonderful education to help children be the best they can be. I could not have done it without this course. Also, what a great bunch of classmates I have had. It is beautiful to know that there are people working with children who really do love them and care about who they become in their future."

– Student

"This was my first online course and I don't really like computers very much, so I was VERY nervous about taking it. I found it very user-friendly (meaning I didn't have to ask my children for help). The instructor responded in a timely manner when I had questions. I got a lot of valuable information from this course."


"I really enjoyed the information and I loved the pictures and artwork you had included. They made me think about my preschool and though I don't have a huge diversity of cultures, I know there are ways that I can improve my program in this area."

– Student, Cultural Competency Course

"Just wanted to say "thank you" for the child abuse course. I had to report another case today, but was able to do so with confidence instead of fear, and feeling assured that I was doing the right thing!"

– Student, Child Abuse & Neglect Course

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