New KDHE Regulations Effective February 3, 2012

In 2010 the Kansas Legislature passed significant changes to the Child Care Act. Known collectively as Lexie’s Law, the changes increased health and safety protections for children in child care settings. The regulations are effective as of February 3, 2012. Requirements under Lexie’s Law included training requirements for recognizing child abuse and neglect, child development, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and Pediatric First Aid and Pediatric CPR. The new requirements give existing providers one year to comply with the new requirements. New child care providers have 30 calendar days from start of employment to complete the required training. (K.A.R. 28-4-114a licensed day care homes and group day care homes and K.A.R. 28-4-428a child care centers and preschools).

eLearning Courses to Help Meet Your Training Requirements 

Several of Kansas Children’s Service League’s eLearning courses can assist in meeting your licensing requirements.

For those licensed professionals needing inservice hours in the areas of child abuse and neglect, or preventing shaken baby syndrome / abusive head trauma (meeting regulation KAR 28-4-114a (b)(4)(A) Health and Safety Training for licensed day care homes or group day care homes, or regulation KAR 28-4-428a (b)(2)(A) Health and Safety Training for licensed preschools and child care centers), we have two courses that are preapproved to meet your needs:

    1. Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Reporting (Two versions of this course are offered on a rotating basis. One is a 2 week / 10 inservice hour course for $20, and the second is a 3 week / 15 inservice hour course for $25. Both versions are instructor-led, but completely online, and meet the regulations for signs/symptoms of abuse, neglect, and abusive head trauma.). 
    2. Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome (5 inservice hours, $20, instructor-led, offered during a 2 week period)

For those licensed professionals needing inservice hours to meet the requirements for Initial Professional Development Training or Annual Professional Development Training, any of our instructor-led courses will meet the regulation requirements.

In addition, we are working hard to create new courses that will further meet your needs. Stay tuned for future course announcements!

Questions We've Been Receiving Regarding eLearning Courses and the New Regulations

Q: I don’t understand the difference between the eLearning self-paced courses and the instructor-led courses. Both have a Child Abuse course. Which one should I take?

A: Self-Paced Courses are short courses designed for social workers, foster parents, and KCSL staff. They are not preapproved for licensed child care professionals. Only the instructor-led courses are preapproved for KDHE Licensed Child Care Professionals.

Q: Can I take the short, self-paced Child Abuse Course to meet my licensing requirement?

A: No. Within our eLearning program, only the KCSL instructor-led courses are approved by KDHE for early childhood professionals (home and center based licensed child care providers). You will need to take one of the instructor-led Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Reporting courses to meet your licensing needs for the “Signs and Symptoms” requirement. In addition, the Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Reporting does not include detailed information on preventing shaken baby syndrome. We have a separate course for that, titled “Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome.” We are working over the next couple of months to provide a combination class that will meet the needs for both of those areas into a single class, and expect this to be available by July 2012.

Q: How do instructor-led classes work?

A. The instructor-led courses are just that - they have an instructor, a start-date, end-date (usually 2 or 3 weeks in length), and assignments that are required for the courses that include a pre/post test, discussion boards (moving the face-to-face conversations into written format for interaction), and a couple of email assignments (such as critiquing a child abuse case and emailing the critique via email to the instructor in the child abuse course). Essentially the courses are done at your own pace. There are no set times for you to be online, so it's up to your schedule and self-pacing to be done by the end of the course. The only "time" requirement we have is that we require users to have started their courses by the beginning of the last week. Some students spend a lot of time for a couple of days and get a lot done at once, others spend a little time periodically during the entire course period. Just like anything else, the more you put into the course, the more you will get out of it.

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